US, this blog and I…



If we were to describe what and who we are, the word ‘gullible’ springs to mind. Eager for life and wanting to taste and to experience as much as possible, in the best possible conditions. And ‘ the best’ doesn’t mean expensive. It has more to do with uniqueness, with genuine and truthful.


Us, that is my partner, my son and my dog and I.


I am a photographer, the introvert, looking for beauty, looking for soul and calmness.

My partner is the writer, the eater, the drinker, the talker.

My son is the surfer, the reader, the boy becoming a man, with all the joys and the pain. Soon to embark on his own journey, but for the moment, still content to share our experiences and to enhance them.

My dog, our dog, Rufus, is everything a proud Airedale should be, and part of the reason for this blog.




Throughout our journeys and vacations with the dog, we felt the need to start talking about the places we visited. The reason is simple. Soo much of what surrounds us is plain ugly and conveys a feeling of ‘settling for something.’


Travelling with a dog and loving the outdoors sharpens that feeling. But why should outdoors clothing and -gear be boring and ugly? Why would you settle for lodging in a crappy room with smelly furniture, just because you happen to have a dog with you? Surely there had to be alternatives?


We love to eat, drink, talk and travel. We do not want to be looked upon as a nuisance, a necessary evil. So we started looking for kindred spirits, people who thought and lived just like we did. It brought us to wonderful, magical places. With or without a dog. It gave new meaning to the word ‘genuine.’ And yes, we learned from the best. We developed a passion for the UK. The immense respect for nature and heritage, the love for dogs and the quality of food and lodging could serve as an example, and we exploit it to our benefit.


These last three years have made us discover uncountable places throughout the English countryside, that we want to share. Not with dog owners only, but with epicureans at large. We gladly share what we’ve found. The lodging, the walks, the restaurants and pubs, the things worth visiting and all the tips and tricks we can think of.





Born and raised in Antwerp as the daughter of a captain at sea, used to city life, but restless by nature, just like my father. I lived and travelled a lot, both professionally and privately.


There’s no need to change that, but there is a need to deepen the experiences, to live them thoroughly.


My mind never rests, I need the books, the woods, nature to set the pace. And the rest is silence.


Enjoy the reading and the discoveries, that I’m happy to share with you.


I look forward to your reactions, questions, feedback…


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