Seafood delights in the bright blue ‘Oyster Shack’

Some restaurants will always be more than the sum of their dishes. The Oyster Shack caters all your needs and more.

After a glorious morning hike (insert link to the walk described when ready J) driving back via narrow, small roads we came across a place called Stake’s Hill. A little wooden sign indicated the direction to ‘The Oyster Shack’ via The River Avon’s tidal road, an experience on its own.

Little did we know we were to discover a hidden bright blue shed with a very inviting covered terrace to keep us out of the sun (you read that right – out of the burning sun in the UK).

Dogfriendly reinvented

We parked and as we were greeted by the sweetest waitress ever: Hannah, Rufus fell in love instantly.

Hannah reinvented the word ‘dog-friendly’; giving instantly fresh water, cuddles, treats and the best table for people longing to waste hours al fresco with an easily distracted Airedale.

The shed has its own enticing and unfamiliar pleasures such as the beautifully upcycled furniture and maritime artefacts.

Why do we like it here beyond words? It’s easy to understand: a warm-hearted, thoroughly service-minded environment. You're not sitting at the table to eat; you're sitting there to enjoy and feast on life. Literally, everything and everyone works together to make that happen. 

It’s probably true that there are more refined ways of enjoying sustainably caught seafood, but I tend to disagree.  Oysters, crab, lobster, the catch of the day straight out of the River Avon, served in a simple way celebrating their freshness and you’re halfway there. Throw in an abundance of pretty decent wines, and you understand why it’s a place of reference, throughout the year. Moreover, it’s reasonably priced for what you get.

The catch of the day shows the inspiration of the chef and his skills. Open cooking classes are organized on a regular basis, and open to all levels of cooking. Staff is laidback but hyper-professional, friendliness is abundant. 

We will be back

And then there is this one thing that made our heart skip a beat. Of course, the plastic buckets on the table to cool the wine are funny, but on each table, you also find donation envelopes to support The Fishermen's Mission.

When a place is filled up with laughter, shows respect for the environment and serves fresh produce in a respectful way, we are smitten and we tend to spend long hours talking.

To us, it was the perfect stop for shucking the most delicious oysters. Make sure to give it some love when roaming in the South Hams villages and if you happen to see Hannah Lucy, tell her to tie a yellow ribbon around the tree… Rufus will be back for her.