Fairy tale lodging a stone’s throw away from Calais Chunnel.


Thatched with golden straw, the Lodge is a tiny (25m2) standalone cottage with direct views on the small outer bailey of the cottage-style farmhouse.

You enter the tastefully renovated farmhouse through a hidden blue gate, pass the geese, a delicate rose garden and discover the bolt hole with its forget-me-not blue windows on the left-hand side.

When we pushed the creaky wooden door, I was immediately carried away with the sight of the most strange and enchanting shower I have ever seen (and probably will). Many of you know I am an avid reader of books and a big fan of ‘Narnia’. In the tales, I find an appreciation for the everyday beauty that resonates most profoundly. But I must admit, undoubtedly the sheer idea of entering a wardrobe and discovering a whole new world continues to haunt me ever since.

So, guess my reaction when I discovered the shower, hidden in a wardrobe; a whimsical idea, that tickles the imagination.

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The Lodge is filled with warm terracotta tones, rustic furniture, and an impressive wash basin. It has free WiFi and television.

The host used to own a restaurant at the Belgian seaside and still masters the art of hospitality. The breakfast is delicious and filled with homemade jams and juices and served in the pretty garden or the main house. He also happily provides you with walking trails close by (4 – 6 – 7 – 11 or 16 km).

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A 50 minutes’ drive away from the Eurotunnel, this is a charming pit stop venue, yet close by some local gems to discover such as Beauvoorde Castle, Flanders Fields and Ypres (30 min. drive) or the beach of De Panne (8km).

If you are tired after a long journey and looking for some slow-cooked comfort food, make sure to visit ‘t Hof van de Hemel: no-nonsense, utterly (dog)friendly and more than 100 beers. Among others, they serve all (yes, all!) Trappists and have a wide range of aged Orvals. And they know their business.

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